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Beekeeper Roy always knew he wanted bees ever since he was a young boy when he read an article in National Geographic about beekeeping on his grandpa's lap. What started as a hobby back in 1968 blossomed into a business opportunity upon retirement. Nearly 40 years of experience and a philosophy of producing a product in a pure and untainted natural environment creates the highest quality Honey, Pollen and Beeswax. There are no artificial chemicals used in the hive or processessing. Our products are made the way they have been for centuries in true Old World methods. We believe that it is best to use nature to nurture a healthy hive and not to fight nature with chemicals and genetic modification. Our products have been sold at several farmers market's within the Seattle area for well over a decade. Try them, we think you'll agree that you can't find this quality at your local store.
Bee Hives in the Olympic Mountain Foothills. 
Our pollen and honey is collected in the foothills of Washington State's Olympic Mountains. Up here the air is clean and pure which gives us the highest quality product.
Olympic Mountains
view of Seattle

Off in the distance you can make out the city of Seattle.

bee hives down in the wetlands.In springtime our bees collect pollen and nectar in the wetlands of Hood Canal.


beekeeper RoyBeekeeper Roy moving his hives up into one of his favorite spots to collect honey and pollen.

bees in spring time

Honeybees working in springtime.

busy bee.Here is one of many worker bees gathering nectar for honey.
Selling at a Farmers Market.All set up and ready to sell at a Farmer's Market.